Roof Maintenance Checklist

Your roof is constantly exposed to weather elements, from getting beat by sun rays, drowned in rain, frozen by snow to blown by wind. A properly maintained roof can last up to twice as long as a roof that has been neglected. Do you get oil changes for your car every 3000 miles? Well your roof needs maintenance too!

If that reason is not enough, here are three others:

  • Regular maintenance saves your money as small repairs are much cheaper than a full roof replacement.
  • It will prevent unwanted animals and insects from entering into your home through exposed areas.
  • You will have peace of mind knowing that your roof is working like it should and in good condition!

Now let’s get down to the basics of roof maintenance. What should be done? At first you should visually inspect the roof. See if there is any visual wear and tear on the roof and if any shingles need replacement or if any of the shingles are loose and need to be secured.

Following a visual inspection, go through the following checklist:

  • Clear all drainage paths. This involves clearing the debris from the drains, gutters and downspouts. Also make sure that the drain screens are properly in place and still functioning.
  • Check the coating and coat any bare membrane. Look for punctures and tears in the membrane.
  • Ensure that all the plumbing caps on the vents are in place. Replace any if necessary.
  • Remove any excess debris.
  • Make sure all skylights are still sealed.
  • If your roof has any other forms of penetration such as pipes and they are waterproofed with pitch pans or concrete rings, make sure the sealer is not cracked and still properly sealed. Replace or seal if necessary.
  • Secure any loose shingles or nails.
  • Magnetically sweep the top of the roof to remove sharp objects
  • Replace broken or deteriorated shingles as necessary.

Should you hire a professional to maintain your roof or do it yourself? If you are a handyman, roof maintenance is simple enough to be done yourself. If you are not handy around the house, it is best to hire a professional to perform the maintenance instead of risking it yourself as it is possible you do more damage than good. You must remember that regular maintenance is both detective and preventative!